Mid 2017 – A diet of novels and short stories

A diet of novels and short stories

I’ve been busy with the novel as well as a new series of short stories. I enjoy running the two in parallel: the approach seems to keep the creativity topped up. Like a good diet, I think, writing needs to have variety. The working title of the novel remains Auguste in September. I’ve submitted it to a couple of debut novel competitions, so it’ll be interesting to see how it fares.

One of my stories, Rebuffed, was short-listed in the Exeter Writers’ competition recently. It’s always good to get into the top ten of a reasonably large competition. It’s interesting too to see the names of those who win, are placed or like me, short-listed. Not infrequently I recognise names from other competitions and it reminds me there are a lot of very active and able writers out there.

So the short story writing has gone well. I have enough stories to put out a collection that I think will appeal to many readers. I’ll just need to work through the logistics of how best to get it out there.

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