Many of Michael’s short stories are set in Sussex, with Eastbourne, Brighton and Uckfield all being locations which feature regularly. However, other stories feature more remote locations such as The Bahamas (where Michael used to live), Singapore (which he has visited many times) and New Mexico where he once took a beguiling train journey.

The Fish On My Ear And Other Stories

Michael’s first collection of prose “The Fish On My Ear And Other Stories” includes “Benchmarks” winner of the 2012 Chelmsford Festival Short Story Prize. The story follows the work of a retired book-store owner who takes up the job of inscribing commemorative benches on Eastbourne’s seafront, so earning the admiration and respect of many. The collection also includes Window Gazing, runner-up in the 2012 Charleston Short Story Festival.

The title story, The Fish On My Ear, is set in Singapore and features a mysterious traveller who bears a most unusual message.

‘…in her white top and black trousers, the waitress returns with our beers. Harry slaps a fifty on the tray and waves her away. She is clearly thrilled and the wooden deck that had rumbled under the weight of her arrival, is untroubled as she floats back to the bar. Harry seems not to notice the effect of his largess.’
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Michael is now working on a second book of short stories as well as a collection of light verse. Go to Poetry and Lyrics »