Michael has written over 100 songs in a range of genres including ballads, Blues, Country, children’s and humorous. Since turning his attention to short stories and poetry, Michael has won the Anderida Writers’ Poetry Prize in 2011 for, A Piece of Cake and the 2012 Chelmsford Festival Short Story Competition with Benchmarks.

Prize winning poetry

A Piece of Cake won the 2011 Anderida Writers’ Poetry Prize. It pays homage to the County where the writer resides. We hope you enjoy A Piece of Cake enough to come back for seconds.
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In June 2013, Michael won the Eastbourne Writes Festival poetry prize with his poem ‘Love’. Read the poem »


Michael is also a great fan of the homophone:
homophone, Gr. Homophonus, n. a letter or word agreeing in sound with another, but having a different meaning.
The homophone can provide a rich source of fun (clearly not the same as the fun of a rich sauce), as demonstrated over years by comedy greats (which is very different from comedy grates, which at times it can). However, the homophone can also be a genuine source of information on the complexities of the English language.
Here is a taster based on the word billed »

Spare Me

The composition Spare Me was recorded for the BBC’s Children In Need campaign and received air play on BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio Sussex, Sovreign Radio and others. Michael was moved to write the song by a young girl begging on the streets of Brighton.
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Michaels composition Vote! was intended to encourage the ordinary citizen to go out and exercise his or her franchise and was recorded by him and his colleagues performing as The Council Tax Band. Vote! received air play on BBC Radio Sussex and several local FM stations including Sovreign Radio.