Imagine England as a cake,
With us the icing on the coast,
Is there one piece you’d like to take,
To swap with Sussex, more than most?

Would you look West to craggy moors,
And pocket ports that line the coast?
They have their valleys and their tors,
And coves and beaches they can boast.

Or would the Fenlands and the Broads
Be the the piece that you might exchange?
With reeded rivers, giant cords,
That bind their hushed and fertile plains?

Perhaps the North West is the place.
That you might feel would be the best,
With lakes and waterways that grace,
A land of mills long since at rest.

I appreciate the pleasure,
That other places can bestow,
But we surely have their measure,
With all the treasures we can show.

Think of Alfriston and Mayfield,
And of the little market towns,
Think of Ashdown and the High Weald,
And the majestic Sussex Downs

And harbours running West to East
At Chichester, Pagham and Rye,
And Cuckmere Haven! What a feast,
For even the choosiest eye.

It’s such a simple call to make,
There’s only one place you should be,
The answer is a piece of cake,
Beautiful Sussex By The Sea!